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ISO 216 is the international standard for paper sizes, and includes sizes such as A4, A3, etc. Here is a list some the A, B and C series sizes, and also some common US paper sizes.

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ISO 269 C series envelope sizes

ISO 269 C envelope sizes were introduced in 1985, and each numbered size is slightly bigger than it's "A" counterpart. For example, a C5 envelope will fit an A5 piece of paper without the need to fold it.

Size millimeters inches
C0 917mm x 1297mm 36.1" x 51.1"
C1 648mm x 917mm 25.5" x 36.1"
C2 458mm x 648mm 18.0" x 25.5"
C3 324mm x 458mm 12.8" x 18.0"
C4 229mm x 324mm 9.0" x 12.8"
C5 162mm x 229mm 6.4" x 9.0"
C6 114mm x 162mm 4.5" x 6.4"
C7 81mm x 114mm 3.2" x 4.5"
C8 57mm x 81mm 2.2" x 3.2"
C9 40mm x 57mm 1.6" x 2.2"
C10 28mm x 40mm 1.1" x 1.6"

Please note, all sizes may vary slightly, some by 1.5 - 3mm depending on size. Use the information on this site at your own risk - we cannot be held responsible for any loss due to inaccuracies.

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